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Flicking Candles: Funny scents for the disappointing moments of life

The Flicking Candle's scents
The Flicking Candle's scents

There are those times in life when you just want to sit back, watch TV, and light a candle that helps you escape with the scent of something pleasant and wonderful. Well, there are also those moments that call for the scents associated with the not so pleasing times in life, such as divorce, DUI, or getting rejected from college. As of June 27, 2014, the brand new company known as the Flicking Candle Company is bringing sadness and rejection in fantastically smelling ways.

The Flicking Candle company has some of the best, and worst, scents for life.

Founded in 2014, the Flicking Candle Company doesn't just have the tragic moments in life captured in scents. They went above and beyond things to do more than fresh linens or the beach or wildflowers.

As they state on their website:

We’re the only candle company in America brave enough to celebrate the fresh scent of failed marriages, ruined friendships, rejection, criminal activity, unprotected sex, and unexpected weight gain.

Flicking Candles are made in the United States and 100 percent soy. The soy is a completely eco-friendly renewable resource. The candles burn evenly and will leave you with a reusable jar each and every single time.

The Flicking Candle brings a lot of good to the world while making you remember the bad, and what not to do again.

At $16.99 each, you can't beat the price and some of the unique scents that you can order from are awesome. They include:

  • Blueberry Bromance
  • Cancelled Vacation
  • Coffee Cram Session
  • Defriend
  • Freshly Signed Divorce Papers
  • Smells Like A DWI

There are many more to be had, and it seems as if they're going to keep coming out with more. Flicking Candles aren't all bad though, and bring about moments in life that just aren't ever presented in regular candles.

Celebrate your life announcements with "Coming Out Cucumber Melon" or "Surprise Baby Powder" and let the world know you're prepared for whatever is coming your way.

The owner known simply as "Mark" appears to have started the companies just for some close friends, but then decided to go into business. Obviously, he had no idea what kind of demand his Flicking Candles would bring.

Who wouldn't want a candle to remember "Grandma's Last Christmas Tree"?

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