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Flexibility training to improve health

Flexibility exercises help to improve a persons overall health by improving range of motion, helps with balance, relieves stress and depression, and are less stressful on the body then aerobic exercise, thereby reducing the risk of serious injuries.

Some exercises to consider when thinking about being more flexible are as follows: stretching, Pilates, and yoga. All these exercises improve health and overall wellness.

These kinds of exercises are great for anyone but especially good for older individuals or people who tend to sit a lot at an office job, get no exercise or very little exercise, and have been living a sedentary life for some time.

Physical activity is a very important part of overall good health, always remember to stay hydrated while exercising by drinking plenty of water, slow down and pace yourself when starting any new exercise. Don’t over-do it, if you hurt yourself it will prolong your progress or even stop it cold.

Set small realistic goals, when reached set more and keep on going. Never give up, your good health deserves your best effort.

If you need a little push to get started, exercise with a friend or neighbor, some people are better at sticking with a new exercise regime when they have someone else to compete with.

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