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Flexibility and patience

Stretch Rack
Stretch Rack
Johnny Moran

All martial artists dream of the day they can drop down into the full splits. Maybe they saw it in a movie? Maybe they simply wanted to be able to kick head high? Either way, the question remained, what was one willing to do to reach this goal?

In the old days, gritty, hardcore warriors would spend days, sitting upside down with their legs spread out against a wall, letting gravity do its thing.

Then along came the great invention called a stretch rack. Here you could sit upright for hours, cranking away in excruciating pain. Yet when they noticed that 80 year olds at the mall were walking faster than they ever could, they realized that maybe this approach wasn’t the best for their joints or their training.

The next big find was a Rolfer. Rolfers performed much like a deep tissue Masseuse; however, the results tended to stay with you a little longer. Yet, as much as one tried to stand in the splits and have their Rolfer literally pull on their muscle fascia, there just had to be a better way.

That better way came in the form of ancient art of Yoga. While yoga was not designed to provide instant results, over time, yoga practitioners achieved new ranges of flexibility that changed them profoundly, and the results stayed with them.

Hot Yoga made ever more sense. Here one could go through a series of stretching routines in a room heated to one hundred and five degrees. Not only that, the yoga poses also developed great balance, ideal for developing strength in one’s head high kicks.

Yoga has been around for decades and the benefits are many. Everyone needs to take better care of their bodies, for the concept of self defense begins at home, that is, defending against one’s self.

Flexibility takes time and daily discipline. Like most good things in life, you can't force it. Of course, a little patience along the way couldn’t hurt either.





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