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Fletcher, NC woman remains in critical condition after being attacked by dogs

Great Danes are known as a large but gentle breed
Great Danes are known as a large but gentle breed
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A Fletcher, North Carolina woman is fighting for her life after a horrific dog attack, Asheville Citizens Times reported January 14.

Gail Rebecca Lanning, 55, was attacked by two Great Danes in a fenced-in yard off Poteat Street Extension at around 9:20 a.m. Monday morning.

Kristi Brown, Gail's niece, said the attack involved two of her dogs. The attack took place at her home across the street from Gail's residence. Gail had called Kristi to inform her that two of the dogs, a male and a female, were barking.

Gail planned to let the dogs out of a small kennel into a larger yard where they could run around. It was when she attempted to return the dogs to the smaller pen that the dogs attacked.

Kristi heard the attack on the phone, where the two women were in direct contact with each other. When Kristi failed to get a response after hearing the confrontation, she called 911.

No one knows whether only one dog or both dogs attacked. Gail is unable to answer questions about the incident because of her condition. Kristi believes the female dog was the one involved in the attack, since the dog was in heat.

Gail's 82-year-old grandmother was in the vicinity of the two dogs when she went to help Gail, and neither dog showed any aggression.

Kristi took her dogs to the Henderson County Animal Shelter, as North Carolina law requires a 10-day quarantine. Both dogs will be euthanized unless Gail can clear either dog as not being responsible for the attack. No charges are expected since the dogs were inside a fence on their own turf when the attack occurred.

Fletcher Police Chief Erik Summey told Asheville Citizen Times

“It’s an unfortunate incident, but it doesn’t look like there was any criminal activity. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family."

Gail was taken to Mission Hospital, where she remains in critical condition.

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