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Fletch, dog that snatched treat from girl at shelter, will not be euthanized

Fletch will not be euthanized
Fletch will not be euthanized
Save Fletch

Knox County authorities have spared the life of Fletch, after the Knox County dog warden wanted to euthanize the shelter dog for snatching a treat from a girl's hand.

Shelter volunteers and animal activists supported saving the two-year-old Labrador retriever mix, protesting at the Mount Vernon courthouse, setting up a Facebook page called Save Fletch, and preparing petitions as well. Almost 5,700 people signed the petition to save Fletch from being killed.

Cody Jackson, who had been planning to adopt Fletch, filed an injunction to block the dog from being euthanized. Jackson didn’t believe that the dog was aggressive, but trusted that Fletch would be safe with his daughters, aged 7 and 1.

An agreement filed with Jackson’s attorney, Dianne Burris, provides that Fletch go to the Tank Fund, a nonprofit animal welfare organization, in order to receive training before going home with the Jackson family.

Save Fletch says on their Facebook page: “Going to bed happy tonight knowing we made a difference in one sweet pup's life... It is simply amazing what can be done, when you have a group of like-minded people that share a common passion and goal!”

The Tank Fund is also on Facebook, stop by and give them a "like" for helping Fletch.

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