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Fletch, dog Knox County Dog Warden wants to euthanize, has his day in court

Fletch in Knox County Municipal Court
Fletch in Knox County Municipal Court photo by Rebecca Cook of ENV Photography

4/7/14: Read update on Fletch here.

On Friday, a judge determined that the shelter dog which Knox County Dog Warden Jordan Barnard wants to euthanize should be put into a foster home.

For now.

After Fletch, a two-year-old Labrador retriever mix, snatched a treat from the hand of a child at the Knox County Animal Shelter, the dog warden decided to euthanize the dog.

According to posts on the Save Fletch and The Underdog Society Facebook pages, volunteers who know the dog say Fletch is not aggressive. They even report that the child's family left the shelter and did not file a bite report or a complaint.

On Friday, supporters gathered at the Mount Vernon courthouse to protest the planned killing. Municipal Court Judge Paul Spurgeon ordered Fletch to be placed in a foster home until his future is decided. The case next goes before Judge Otho Eyster.

Meanwhile, the Knox County commissioners announced that they were suspending the shelter’s volunteer program until further notice. Without volunteers, the dogs currently there, like Gunner, Kay and Brownie won’t stand much of a chance to get adopted. (Click on their names to see these and other dogs at the Knox County Animal Shelter).

For more information, follow Save Fletch and The Underdog Society on Facebook.

To sign the petition asking Knox County Commissioners and the dog warden to stop the killing of Fletch, click here.

To sign the petition asking Jordan Barnard to resign as dog warden of Knox County, click here.

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