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Flea Market Style magazine - Part II


Welcome to part II of our interview with Linda MacDonald, Editor-at-Large of Flea Market Style magazine. If you missed part I click here.

Flea Market Style magazine

For those that smile at the thought of shopping a flea market, the cover of Flea Market Style magazine is going to cause you to grin from ear to ear!

The cover echos what Linda promised in part I of our interview -- "Flea Market Style (FMS) magazine will be filled with color, style ideas, decorating, collecting ideas and tools to help the reader carve out their own style and help them embrace vintage style with a modern that reflects their desire for great style on a realistic budget."

Upon seeing the cover I had to ask...

Will FMS have how-tos? Yes. Although most projects will be very simple and easily actionable, we will include tips and steps for the more challenging ones.

Can you share a little bit about one project that you are excited for the readers to see? Well, it’s not a project, but there is one image that springs to mind that when I saw it I literally gasped! I can’t reveal more, but I will tell you it involves lace. Of course, I am also excited that my daughter’s playhouse is being featured! Matthew shot the prettiest photo of her for it and, as a proud mum, I got a lump in my throat when I saw it!

What has surprised you the most about the process of creating the FMS magazine? Just how much work, planning, dedication and passion goes into creating a magazine that will be well-received by readers. Personally, I have experienced photo shoots, planning meetings, and have seen early spreads from the art director (Stacey Willey) and head writer (Sarah Egge). It is an exciting process and everyone involved is incredible at what they do.

How many times a year will the magazine be published? Presently, we are scheduled to produce one; but we are hoping to have the magazine picked up as a Quarterly (at least), so stay tuned...Of course, if readers want to help make that happen, the best thing they can do is buy the magazine when it hits the shelves!

Can I subscribe to the magazine? Not at this time. However, if the magazine becomes a regular feature, subscription services will be offered. We will keep you posted on that, but one way to ensure it will happen is to go out and buy a magazine...or two or three! Oh, and tell all your friends to buy one, too!!

How much will the magazine cost per issue? Flea Market Style is a 144 page magazine, which is larger than most other magazines, and will be priced at $9.95 (U.S.dollars). When you see it, you will realize it is a magazine for your coffee table, rather than one that will languish in a newspaper caddy. It will be a publication you will reach for over and over!

When do you anticipate the magazine will be on available? The official word is that it will be in Barnes and Noble on February 19th, but the unofficial word is that it hit newsstands today…so check out your local stores.

Where can I find Flea Market Style once it debuts? Flea Market Style will be carried in most grocery and bookstores in the U.S. and Canada, as well as small and large retailers. We will post a more detailed list of vendors as the release date draws near.

For information about where to find a copy of FMS, to obtain copies to sell in your shop or to learn how to advertise in FMS check out the FMS blog.

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