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Flea infestations

Alyson Pelayo

When fleas are not actively prevented with flea control medication they can very easily get out of hand. Fleas on a pet will lay eggs which can roll off the pet and into the environment or home. A female flea can lay up to 5000 eggs in a lifetime. These eggs take up to two weeks to hatch and 3 to 4 weeks to turn into an adult flea, which can live up to a year. If a household with just one pet does not use flea control, it can turn into an infestation of the entire house in a matter of weeks.
Once an owner is aware of a flea infestation they must move fast in order to get it under control. Fleas spread disease to pets and can cause anemia if left too long. If every pet in a household is placed on flea control, it can take up to 3 months for the flea infestation to be eradicated.
Fleas will also bite humans, which can cause itchy bites for people in an infested house. If 3 months is too long to wait for flea medication to kick in and take care of an infestation then other options might need to be considered. There are products that can be purchased at most pet stores that can be used to kill fleas in the home, although these chemicals can also be dangerous. In some situations then, it would be beneficial to look into an extermination company.
Once a flea infestation is eradicated it is especially important to keep all pets, whether they are in door only or not, on monthly flea prevention. Due to the climate in southern California this also needs to be a yearlong control because fleas thrive in warm environments.