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Flea and Tick Season

Signs of Fleas on your pet. Pepper like areas of flea dirt shows your pet has fleas.
Signs of Fleas on your pet. Pepper like areas of flea dirt shows your pet has fleas.

Once again it's that time of the year for fleas and ticks to be creating that excessive scratching and itching on your pet. Not only can these tiny creatures affect your pet, they can also be dangerous to your health as well. Flea bites near your ankles are quite common for humans who own pets that are indoors throughout the year. Ticks burrowing their head into your skin can cause Lime Disease ( which can be quite serious. With many products on the market for treating these pesky blood sucking varmints is it easy to keep your pet free from fleas and ticks.

For my pets I use Frontline Plus, it not only kills adult fleas and ticks, but also destroys the eggs and larva. One application last 30 days and is purchased through your vet. Advantage is another great product that your veterinarian can offer and like Frontline it also works to kill and prevent fleas and ticks from appearing on your pet. Some over the counter products that also work well include BioSpot and Fipro Guard. Price from the bargain worthy flea and tick products range from $13.00 to $40.00, depending on dosage and size of pet. Flea collars are great to help aid in controlling fleas, but don't seem to work well on your pet since there are refined to only the neck area. The best way to use a flea collar is to cut it up in pieces and place it in the vacuum and around the pets bedding. Flea powders I recommend the same, using in vacuum sweepers, carpets and pets bedding.

Shampoos are great to use on pets as well, but be extra careful when using on puppies and or kittens. These can be harmful if not used correctly on puppies and kittens. Instead use citrus scented dish soap or even Dawn dish soap to help in the aid of removing the pest on your pets. Mix a small amount of soap with water and rub on pet carefully avoiding the eye area. You must leave on the pet for about 10 minutes to get the best results. Try to keep your puppy or kitten warm as well when using this method of treating. Rinse completely and towel dry, you may repeat this method for a few days or even before applying the other treatments mentioned above.

With so many products on the market today to help keep your pet free from fleas and ticks, there is no need to have the summer months become the miserable months for you or your pet.

For more information talk to your veterinarian about the best defense for your pet.