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Flea and tick remedies: Which ones work for your pets?

While flea and tick season never seems to leave some areas, there are many pet owners finding remedies for their pets that work all year long.

Although not every remedy for ticks and fleas is harmless, these are still sold through veterinarians and pet supply stores. Consumers must do their research to learn what will work for their pets without causing harm.

Natural remedies for pets do work for some, while others find they need something different for their cats or dogs. Dogs spending time outdoors may need a different treatment than a dog staying indoors. Outdoor cats often need more attention than cats that never leave the house.

Some pet owners feel pills that are given to their animals are a wise choice, while others have found these to be harmful, sometimes claiming these have injured of killed their cat or dog.

Consulting with a veterinarian when there is a concern about a flea or tick preventative is always a must. However, pet owners need to make the choice for what they feel is best for their cat or dog.

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