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Flax seed benefits: Are they good sources of omega 3s? (flax seeds recipes)

Intro: Wondering what the flax seeds benefits are? Then you'll want to read on, especially if you're looking for good sources of omega 3s and don't particularly like fish like salmon or shellfish like shrimp. Below, you'll find out about a few of the benefits of flax seeds plus get the scoop on a few flax seeds recipes.

Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have a three-to-one ratio of omega 3 fatty acids versus omega 6 fatty acids. They, along with walnuts and chia seeds, provide alternative sources of omega 3s, according to

In this regard, the flax seed benefits are particularly apparent for vegans/ vegetarians, who do not consume fish or fish oil. If you're looking for healthy eating tips, this is one of the most important ones you might learn today. Flax seeds have 55% ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), according to PubMed. That's nearly six-times the amount that you'll find in fish oils.

Get the Benefits of Omega 3 Through Your Flax Seed Recipes

The benefits of omega 3 fatty acids include the ability to curb the affects of heart disease, aid in depression and help with learning and brain function.

Flax seed recipes are a good way to get these important nutrients into your diet, especially if you love smoothies. You can drop some ground flax seeds into your morning smoothie along with some fresh fruits and yogurt for a healthy, quick breakfast.

And watch the video at the top of the screen for more some information about brain healthy foods like flax seeds.

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