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Flawless: Can a High Achieving Woman have it all?

You're a hard working woman. A sexy woman. A focused woman. But can you have it all? The house on the hill. The man of your dreams. Money. Power. Respect. Can it be something you get all on your own? Can your significant other be that cherry on top of the empire you created?

Do I need an Alpha Male to have it all?
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

High achieving women ponder these questions all the time. What do you believe? Can you have it all?

Studies say yes, if your partnership is with a beta male rather than an alpha male. A beta male is a male that's family oriented and respects your goals and dreams. An alpha male wants to be just alpha. He wants the money, power and respect. You're just the trophy. Can you really handle that as a high achieving woman?

My guess is no. I have dated alpha males before but there was always a void and it came from me being a high achieving woman. I want more than being a trophy. I want an equal, a partner. I want someone that's my teammate, my business partner, the person that has the courage to take on the world with me, rather than against me.

Who wants a man that always puts himself first? That's what you'll get with an alpha male. There 's more to life than adoration for self.

There's something sexy about a beta male - he is cooperative, balanced, strong and humble.

If you keep power balance in your relationship, you can have it all ladies. In a healthy relationship, you don't look to win. You look for ways to love each other better. That's what it's all about - love beyond ones self.

If you're a man, meet her half way. If you're a woman, meet him half way. It's a team effort to develop and maintain a healthy relationship.

You never have to settle for crumbs for someone to really love you. Have it all. Believe in your worth for real love. Compromise. Don't hold grudges. Have it all.

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