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Flavor of the month: sex addiction


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Sex scandals have existed since the beginning of time, but in the age of immediate news dissemination not just those at the Tiger Woods and Charles E. Phillips level have trouble, but even the everyday person has difficulty keeping their secrets hidden. E-mail, voicemail, text messages and camera phones have been the cause of many clandestine extracurricular activities being revealed. The usual answers once caught are: 

  • It wasn’t me, it was my twin 
  • It’s not what you think
  • That was the only time

Now there is another that is becoming more and more common: “I’m a sex addict”.

Sex addiction as a condition began to be recognized in the early 1970’s. Most current literature equates the chemical changes that take place in the brain of a sex addict with those of a drug addict. As there is for alcoholics, drug and gambling addicts, there exists a Twelve Step program for the sex addict. (Admit it. You wonder just a little what happens during the “making amends” step.)

For those partnered with a true sex addict many questions arise.

  • Do you forgive them because they couldn’t control it?
  • Is it a disease like alcoholism?
  • Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts strive to completely abstain from the substance,    what does a sex addict do?
  • You can usually tell when a substance addict “falls off the wagon”, how do you know with    a sex addict?

For anyone who feels they may be in this situation, it is best to talk with a licensed therapist, because there is a wealth of information on-line to get you started in the right or wrong direction. Your partner may have a true addiction or they may be using it as the new “flavor of the month” excuse. Talk to a professional first.


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