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Flavor Flav case postponed: Rapper raps in court but is sent home

Flavor Flav's latest court case has been postponed. The rapper was in a New York courtroom on Tuesday to handle a speeding charge he received back in January. He was trying to reach his mother's funeral on time. According to Reality TV World on March 25, the rapper will need to return to court in May to deal with the charges.

Flavor Flav will need to return to a New York court in May.
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Flavor Flav was in high spirits in court though. According to the report, he was rapping in the courtroom. People in attendance tweeted about his rapping. Before entering the building, he was forced to take off his signature clock necklace, but he had it back on in the courtroom.

A video shared by The Inquistr on Tuesday showed Flavor Flav's arrival at the courthouse. His arrival was quiet in comparison to a previous appearance at court. That appearance had fans outside, and he stopped to sign autographs. That was not the case today.

Flavor Flav is the stage name of William Drayton. He currently resides in Las Vegas, so this postponement will come at a cost for the rapper. However, it is not the only court case he has pending. He has another case pending in Las Vegas as well. In that case, he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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