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Flavor Flav arrested: False reports hit that he was picked up for fireworks

Flavor Flav
Photo by Theo Wargo

Flavor Flav is in trouble with the law once again. This reality TV star loves to push the limits and see what he can get away with but it isn't very much lately. On Monday, Yahoo shared that he got in some trouble with the law over his big fireworks show. He should have known to get his permits and do everything right but of course Flavor Flav didn't do it all the right way.

Reports came out originally that he was arrested and fans were upset. He was not actually arrested though. Instead he ended up getting tickets and reports were wrong. It is not as bad as it sounded when news first came out.

Reports are that every single year since 2009 he has done illegal fireworks shows at his house. They are just now looking into doing something about it though. This year when it started his neighbors called the police and were upset about the noise. Of course they could have just watched the great show but that is not what they wanted to do at all.

He received two citations for it and was not actually arrested. The police who were on scene did take his 45kg (100lb) worth of fireworks that were still there making it where he couldn't shoot those off. Flavor Flav spoke out saying, "I don’t want to go to jail for fireworks." It was not that important to him.

Flavor Flav has been arrested before. He was picked up earlier this year while on the way to his mom's funeral. He didn't have a driver's license and was speeding. It is highly doubtful that he has a fireworks show next year. It sounds like he is wanting to live a pretty good life and behave.

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