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Flatwater paddling in Western North Carolina Lakes Rivers and Streams

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Flatwater canoeing and kayaking is perhaps the easiest, safest and the most enjoyable paddling. Part of the reason is that it is most paddlers’ first introduction to a sport that they will continue throughout their lives.

Bear Cree Lake or Bear Lake

It can be a family activity solo adventure for moments of quiet solitude and meditation. Paddling is also one of our forms of transportation. Each time you paddle a canoe or kayak you become part of a human history that dates back thousands of years.

Someone once wrote that where there is water there was some form of watercraft very similar to what we refer to as canoes and kayaks. It is conceivable to believe that once upon a time humans were divided into two distinct groups; hikers and backpackers on the one hand and paddlers on the other.

If you are interested in learning the art and craft of flatwater paddling Western North Carolina is the perfect place. The following is a brief list compiled by a generous group of passionate paddlers.

Life at 60, (mph)

"Never own the same car twice" –

Bear Creek Lake

Cascade Lake

Fontana Lake

Lake Adger

Lake Glenville

Lake James

Lake Julian

Lake Lure

Lake Santeelah

Lake Summit

Nantahala Lake

The French Broad river

John G Hall
Charlotte Canoeing Examiner

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