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Flatirons Church revolutionizes Religion with live music

Flatirons Community Church Band
Flatirons Community Church Band

Flatirons Community Church                                      Photo By Megan Smith

Have you ever been lost during church service? Confused? Or even asleep? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us, even if we won’t admit it. Well, there is a new option right here in town for those who have given up because of unsatisfactory religious experiences or for those who have been searching for a better fit.

Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette off Boulder Rd. and US-287 is unlike any other church in the Denver area. This church is a revolution in religious expression and celebration. The vision Flatirons honors is: “To bring the awesome life of Christ to a lost and broken world.” It is a clear and solid understanding at Flatirons that people are not perfect and everyone makes mistakes. It depends on what you do today and for the future that creates who you are and Flatirons has a good point; “No matter what disconnected you from God, Jesus is the only way to reconnect with Him.”

Flatirons Community Church Band                                 Photo By Megan Smith

Upon entering Flatirons you are greeted by cheerful, smiling faces, cookies and some hot coffee; the perfect ingredients for initializing socialization. It is important to arrive early because it can become difficult to find a seat especially on Sunday evenings at the Merge College service at 6:30pm.

The first shock experienced at the Merge service is when the lights kick on and the live band begins to play. All of a sudden there is worship rock belting out from the massive speakers and the words to sing along on a giant projector screen behind the lead singer. It is quite literally like sitting in a packed auditorium watching a rock concert-- simply amazing! It is impressive how well the entire service is coordinated. The songs are interrelated to the bible reading and the service lesson. They not only play sing-along worship songs but songs by popular bands, such as the Black Eyed Peas and U2, among many others. Flatirons is essentially the music lovers dream of what a church service should be. The band is made up of; Randy Pearce on Lead vocals/guitar, Rich Benge on guitar, Sean Jenneiahn on Drums, Chris Coleman on bass, KarreAnn Wakefield on keyboards, Jenny Dreyer and Jen Smith on vocals. Definitely something to check out if you are looking for a change.

Flatirons Community Church Band                                 Photo By Megan Smith

Flatirons offers six services during the weekend: Two Saturday evening at 5pm and 6:30pm; four on Sunday at 9am, 10:30am, 11:55am and 6:30pm.

A wide variety of programs intended for combining the word of God with fun and socialization are also available for all ages from birth on up, including singles and couples. They also post a video of the week’s service on their website for those who miss out. Flatirons has plenty to offer to all people--check out their website for more information.



  • Cindy 5 years ago

    I'll have to check this one out sometime...sounds very exciting!

  • Travie 5 years ago

    The world can seem so big at times but only as small as your own little world. Gosh what a good place with a good message and the rockin tunes just help you fill your own heart with love!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    The link above doesn't work and should point to

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