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Flat Stanley Rides Again

I stumbled across an email from my Ranger brother's son to me from a few years and my replied back to him. He asked me for help with his school project which was to take Flat Stanley on an adventure and me and write about what Flat Stanley did. Flat Stanley was a cut out and colored paper man that he mailed to me to carry though my training course for a week and mail back Flat Stanley with what he did that week. I wrote about Stanley swimming, shooting, rappelling and jumping out of a plane during the course but he requested some additional clarification.

He writes,did flat Stanley get wet win you went swimming in the ocean and did flat Stanley get scared win you jumped out of the airplane I hope you be safe when you come back. Flat Stanley was very COLD and very WET from his swim in the ocean. Flat Stanley was very scared when he got ready to jump from the plane. He began to cry and sob, SCREAMING "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!". After slapping Flat Stanley in his big, flat face, I threw him out of the airplane.

Flat Stanley was very brave in Iraq though. Outnumbered by a numerically superior force of entrenched and determined enemy fighters, Petty Officer Flat Stanley distinguished himself in close combat risking his own life to save the lives of his fellow SEALs. Going man to man, Petty Officer Stanley exposed himself to a withering hail of machine gun fire to aid his wounded SEAL comrades. Pulling three men to safety,
Petty Officer Flat Stanley quickly took the fight to the enemy killing several combatants attempting to overrun their desperate position. Wounded twice in the exchange, Petty Officer Flat Stanley charged single handedly into a Hornets Nest of enemy combatants and disappeared from view. Found later, the unconscious and gravely wounded Stanley was surrounded by dead enemy fighters and out of ammunition. Petty Officer Flat Stanley was found still clutching a broken knife he used to kill the remaining enemy fighters. For his courageous actions in the face of great personal risk, Petty Officer Flat Stanley has been awarded the Navy Cross for Gallantry in battle.This is what military brothers do for each other's kids in my family. I understand he got a great grade for his project.

I got a phone call from a young aspiring SEAL yesterday that bothered me and a classic example of guys over thinking stuff. He had heard/read on the Internet that guys who come from the Fleet/Ships that attend BUD/S are not liked by the Instructors; the guys that are already in the Navy and did not join with a SEAL
Contract. I was one of those guys. I didn't join the Navy to be a SEAL. I only found out about SEALs after I was in and I can honestly say that SEAL Instructors dislike all BUD/S students equally no matter their background in the Navy. It bothered me that these are things guys worry about wanting to become SEALs and I just don't relate to it very well. It you want to be a SEAL then go be a SEAL. Naval Special Warfare is NOT looking for guys who worry a lot about dumb stuff.

My advice to young guys is quit reading so much crap on the Internet about BUD/S and just go do it. There is nothing wrong with educating yourself but it needs to be accurate information and we give that here and answer those important questions guys have about SEALs.

We'll answer all your questions at Extreme SEAL but you are only allowed to ask two stupid questions each day and we keep track. The dumbest question ever asked about BUD/S at my course was from a young guy who asked, "Do we get to wear our own underwear in BUD/S?". I answered his question in a single word "DROP".

Our first course of 2014 is the Combat Shooting Course in March.

Our first Advanced begins a month later in April and we end a long year of courses in 2014 with a final course in November. The April and November courses are the toughest ones we run and all the hard-cases pile in for those two courses; the guys who just want it a little harder. That harder come from the cold temperatures on Hell Night. In April the air temps are warm but the water is cold. In November the air temp is cold but the water is warmer and guys either want in or want out of the water on Hell Night depending on the month. It is bragging rights and the April and November guys bond very quickly through some early adversity.

Finally, we went to great lengths to put together a video of exactly what we do at Extreme SEAL Experience and why we do it. The video is detailed and a great description of the course. The reason we did it was that so many guys who'd have a great time here overthink the course and fear failure. The simple mention of Navy SEAL Training appeals to them but they read too much into it and don't sign up or they sign up and never show up for a course.

I'm not in the video making business but I recommend buying the video if you're thinking about attending a course here. It'll clear up any misconceptions and alleviate any apprehensions; The courses begin SOON KICK SOME BUTT !!!
Don Shipley - Extreme SEAL Experience -
(757) 572-7203

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