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Flat-heads vs. flat-earthers, 1 in 4 don’t know Earth revolves around Sun

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A recent poll revealed that 25% of Americans are ignorant of the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun. Rather than admit this is a product of a failing educational system, liberals declared that those people are obviously Christian “flat-earthers” who don’t understand science because they reject scientific facts such as climate change. What these liberals fail to comprehend is how they are being duped by Democrats to milk them of more of their wages over a matter that has been so overexposed as a fraud that it warrants their inclusion in the flat-head society.

One in four Americans unaware the Earth orbits the Sun

Secretary of State John Kerry said he and Obama have no time to waste for the protests of the “flat earth society,” but must act now to “save the planet” by raising taxes and imposing more regulations on fossil fuels production and use. These proponents of climate change are the same people who believe scientists who can’t predict tomorrow’s weather can predict the global climate. These same people have such scientific belief that they believe the moon landings were faked, that contrails are made by government seeding the atmosphere, that evolution is a fact with Xmen mutations actually happening, and that man’s carbon emissions are the cause of irreversible global warming when the Earth has been cooling for the past seventeen years!

Kerry, “no time for flat-earthers”

But a study by a Yale researcher found that the degree of scientific knowledge among the general population is small with liberals eeking out conservatives in his groups, with the exception of those in the TEA Party who exhibited the most understanding of science of all demographic groups. The TEA Party, composed mostly of conservative Christians, do not believe that man has the power to affect change in the temperature of the entire planet when he can’t even affect local weather. The Earth’s ecosystem, they say, can take care of itself, and if man puts more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than is normal, then the planet will produce more green plants that thrive on carbon dioxide.

TEA Party members more scientifically literate that liberals

These liberals who are members of the flat-head society have no more understanding of science than Obama knows about business. But they believe he can run the nation, which is akin to putting a child who can play video games in the pilot seat of the Space Shuttle and believing he can land it. Liberal belief in these scientists that claim mankind’s carbon emissions are destroying the Earth’s atmosphere requires as great a degree of blind faith as those who believe in a God whose existence science cannot prove. But don’t tell them that or you will be branded a heretic!

Al Gore becomes a billionaire promoting global warming fraud



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