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Flashy and dazzling - Skecher Twinkle Toes for your little lady


Dazzle your little girl with Twinkle Toes.  ZF Photography

Besides being pink, shiny and dazzling - Skechers Twinkle Toes are hot!  It is the latest craze for little girls and they are hard to find.

Every inch of Twinkle Toes are coated in rhinestones and glitter.  Even the laces sparkle.  There are about 35 different styles of these sneakers with only a few that light up.  The light up ones are the hardest to find in stores and online.  They are definitely not your regular light up shoes.  When your little girl walks or jumps there is a flash, just like a strobe light that shoots from the toe to the heal of the sneakers.  In a dark room Twinkle Toes will make it feel like a disco!

The light up Twinkles Toes are priced around $40.  On Long Island you can try to find them at Stride Rite, Bob's Stores, Kohl's and the Sketchers Outlet in Tanger.  At Stride Rite, this Examiner was told they are not getting more in stock until August.  Just in time for your little lady to make flash when she goes back to school.  The sneakers do run a little bit big, so start your search now in stores and online to find her size.

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