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Flashback - The iPhone app

Screen shot Flashback
Screen shot FlashbackScreen shot Flashback

Flashback - The iPhone app that lets user’s capture both photos and videos at the same time!

Albeit impressive, iPhone's camera certainly has a few drawbacks. One of these is the inability to add live effects to the photos that users are shooting. Another one relies in the fact that users are unable to capture photos and videos at the same time. Flashback is an app created solely for the purpose of fixing the second shortcoming. Its working mechanism is as simple as it is interesting; once the user hit’s the "snap" button, the app automatically starts recording a new video. However, before the user press the magical button, Flashback is able to automatically save 5 seconds of action in the form of photos.

Here are some other impressive features of this app;

Easy-to-use interface:

After installing Flashback, the first thing one can notice is just how easy it is to use. Access to all the important features can be done straight from the main menu. Thus, one can immediately begin to review all videos and pictures saved using the application (which can also be sorted by category or name), make some quick adjustments, access the settings menu for a couple of small adjustments, create a new album or simply start recording a new piece using the "camera" button.

Innovative effects on demand:

If one is not satisfied with the classic format of photos and videos, Flashback has the solution. The app comes with a remastered module that allows anybody to make various changes to the creations. By using it one can instantly add music (or certain portions of songs), transition effects, filters (e.g. HDR, color enhancements, etc.) and many more. The flashbacks created with the app can also be reviewed in real time.

Edit individual photos and videos at any time. With the aid of Flashback one can do significantly more than just capture videos and photos. Each piece can be edited in particular, with the user being able to add various interesting add-ons. Geolocation, stickers, photo effects, filters; text and more can all be added with only few taps. Furthermore, both photos and videos can be trimmed and rotated to the desired level. Share video creations with everyone Flashback also benefits from full social media integration, hence allowing users to share their creations on various social networks, from Facebook up to Twitter and YouTube. Memorable events can also be shared via e-mail or MMS, single or in-group. Finally, all the created content can be instantly exported to Camera Roll for no-hassle access.


Comes for a price. As one would expect from such a feature-rich app, Flashback doesn't come entirely free of charge. The app costs $1.99 to download, price, which includes a license for all the devices plus unrestricted access to the features. Additionally, one can purchase extra sticker packs for the price of $0.99 per unit, all for the purpose of enhancing the final creations.


Flashback is nothing short of an impressive app, one that will certainly become a must-have for everyone who wishes to get the most out of his/her phone. Besides giving iPhone users the ability to capture both videos and photos at the same time, Flashback also provides the ability to review and edit each piece in particular, and share them later across various social networks. An app that is worth a second look.