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Flashback Friday: Eagles of Death Metal

Peace Love Death Metal album cover
Peace Love Death Metal album cover
Eagles of Death Metal

Despite forming in 1998, Eagles of Death Metal did not release their debut album until 2004. This year marks the 10th anniversary of that album, titled Peace Love Death Metal.

If you aren’t familiar with the band, their permanent lineup consists of Jesse Hughes on vocals and guitar, and Josh Homme on drums. Live shows often don’t feature Homme, due to his other commitments (such as Queens of the Stone Age) and do include various other contributors. It is said that the band’s name comes from Hughes and Homme’s inspiration to create a band combining the sounds of the Eagles and death metal, inspired by a joke one of them had coined.

Peace Love Death Metal certainly sounds neither like The Eagles nor death metal, but instead has a bluesy drive and rockabilly influence that you just don’t hear in music anymore. With most songs being about sex, the devil, and cussing, this isn’t your grandma’s rock and roll. Eagles of Death Metal definitely brought the sleazy back to rock, which too many bands are afraid to do anymore.

While at times sloppy and even borderline corny, Peace Love Death Metal makes no apologies, down to not even cutting out the joking camaraderie between the songs during recording. Seeing a band, especially with so famous a member as Homme, not worry at all about taking itself seriously and just try to have a good time is refreshing. Coming in at 15 tracks, the average listener may grow bored before the album comes to a close. One suggestion would be to listen through the strong first 5 tracks, skip “English Girl” and possibly “Stacks O’ Money,” tune back in at track 8 for “Midnight Creeper,” again skipping the overly ironic cover of Steeler Wheel’s “Stuck in the Middle with You” before returning at “Already Died” and finishing off the album as you will. Overall, this album may be best sipped with a side of cheap beer, whenever you’re ready to have a real good time.

In the fall of 2013, Hughes posted a video of Eagles of Death Metal in the studio recording their purported fourth album to his Instagram account (where he aptly goes by the name @fatherbadass). In early 2014, Josh Homme confirmed that he was working on the album. While it’s unsure when this album will be released (the band themselves admit to not being in a hurry), Eagles of Death Metal will be playing Festival Supreme in LA this coming October, if you get a hankering to see them live.