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Flash the beagle has been returned to his family

Flash has been reunited with his family
Flash has been reunited with his family
Via Send Flash Home Facebook page

Flash, a precocious beagle who managed to escape from his family's Plymouth Township, Pa., home two weeks ago when a contractor failed to properly latch a door, has been reunited with his guardians.

After the dog slipped away, he was picked up and taken to the Main Line Animal Rescue, the agency from which his family had adopted him from two years ago.

Initially, the rescue agency refused to give Flash back to Alexis and Rob Krekstein, citing the family's failure to immediately contact them when the dog first disappeared.

The family took to Facebook in an effort to get their companion returned to them, and on April 17, the following statement was posted to the Send Flash Home Facebook page followers:

We are pleased to report that we have resolved our differences with Main Line Animal Rescue and we have now been reunited with “Flash”. In the future, we will ensure that "Flash" always wears his collar containing his identification tag so that this never happens again.

With this matter now resolved, we wish to move forward, and request that members of the community, and our supporters stop any negative comments on social media or elsewhere about MLAR. For more than 16 years, MLAR has assisted in the placement of thousands of animals into loving homes. With more than 500 active volunteers MLAR has done a tremendous amount of good for all animals. We regret that MLAR and their volunteers were cast in such a negative light and are elated this story has a happy ending.

Our family is so happy to have our Flash back home, safe and sound. Although emotions ran high during this ordeal, we never doubted MLAR’s passion and dedication to all animals. Without the dedication of MLAR, we would not have known Flash and are so excited this situation has been resolved and he is back home with his Family.”

One day before the official statement about Flash's return was issued, the administrators for the Facebook page indicated that the family's attorney was working with the rescue agency to resolve the disagreement.

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