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Flash Mob Fashion comes to Denver

Fashion Flash Mob Details
Fashion Flash Mob Details
Tricia Hoke

In other parts of the country, even in Colorado, the words Denver and Fashion rarely appear in the same sentence. Denver Designer Tricia Hoke and the Biennial of The Americas have joined forces to change the perception of Denver Fashion and show everyone just how much fashion is right here in Colorado. Taking inspiration from displays installed in New York City’s garment district their goal is to create organized fashion chaos outside the Denver Art Museum prior to July's Untitled Event #31 (Two), Friday July 30st. With the Denver Fashion community growing by the minute, organizers saw the biennial as the perfect platform to showcase the city's talent and open the door to all ages, groups and interests.

A Flash Mob by definition is group of people who organize on the Internet and then quickly assemble in a public place, do something bizarre, and disperse. This event is the first of its kind for Denver and one not to be missed.

We wanted to extend an invitation to all in the fashion community, regardless of skill level or design taste, to come and show the world that we are here! We would love to see a range of people from corporations and established designers to beginners and students! This includes jewelry and accessory designers too! From that Fashion Flash Mob was born. -Tricia Hoke

If you are interested in participating in the Flash Mob Fashion or if you have any questions contact Tricia Hoke at:

To witness the Flash Mob Fashion live in action, visit The Denver Art Museum prior to the Untitled Event #31 (Outside the front of the Museum from the cows to the broom) this Friday, July 30th 6-7 pm.