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Flash LaRue advances from the wild card round


The wild card round of the Arkansas Times Musician's Showcase was held at Sticky Fingerz and brought together four outstanding bands to compete for the one advancing spot. The event was judged by audience votes, with those in attendance being asked to drop tickets into the supplied buckets for the corresponding band that they would like to vote for. As the lights dimmed and the first band, Flash LaRue took the stage to kick things off the crowd began making its way to the front of the room. Each person there striving to achieve the best vantage point to view the performances.

Flash LaRue in the wild card round at Sticky Fingerz
David Standridge

The music range included everything from the rock and roll style of Flash LaRue and Stella Fancy to the heavy metal sounds of Iron Tongue and back again to the more subtle sounds of Bonnie Montgomery.

At the end of the night, and despite technical difficulties during their performance, Flash LaRue would emerge victorious and move to the next round of the showcase. The final round of the showcase is to be held on the 5th of March at the Rev Room in Little Rock. If good rock and roll music is what you like, then check out the event. It will definitely be worth seeing.

Flash LaRue is: Clint Moreland – drums, Bryan Frazier – bass guitar and vocals, Matt Matthews – guitar , Jeff Dunham – guitar and vocals, and Sean Lindsey – percussion.


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