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Flash Game of the Week: 'i saw her across the world'

Here is just one of the many obstacles you will have to overcome in order to meet your true love
Here is just one of the many obstacles you will have to overcome in order to meet your true love

The “i saw her standing there" series is one of the cutest flash game series that I have ever played. And, with the third installment the series keeps on going strong. One new thing that I like about the newest installment is that you can customize yourself and your partner’s color and gender. So, even though “i saw her across the world” is minimalist game having some customization is always nice.

The gameplay for “i saw her across the world” is similar to the efforts game’s but has some slight differences that will make it a new experience. As in this version you have to catch up to your zombie lover while jumping on platforms and avoiding enemies. As in most platformers you start in the left-hand corner and must move right to complete each level. After you complete the first couple of acts, you gain the ability to control your lover and must make use of both to complete a new set of levels. For the most part, this means having on partner hold down a button while the other advances. Even though, this section can get a bit tedious it is still a good challenge.

As always the gameplay in this series is top notch and is still a lot of fun. As you get further into the game, the challenges get more difficult but you never feel that the game is unfair and due to the short level design you never feel like that you lost too much progress whenever you die.

Easily the best part of this series is the music as it does a good job of setting the mood. I will also highly recommend getting the OST if you have a chance. The soundtrack is very pleasant and makes the gameplay experience so much more enjoyable.

As in the previous installments the minimalist art style works well and does a lot to draw in the player’s emotions. Even the player’s charter and their lover don’t have much detail you can still see that the two have plenty of affection whenever they meet up.

Overall this is still a very cute and adorable game series that I would recommend to anybody that loves platformer or a good love story.

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