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Flash flooding complicates the morning commute in Louisville, KY

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One thing that locals say about Louisville is that if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes, it will change.

On Tuesday, May 29th, 2012, Louisville was hit by storms with heavy rains that caused flash flooding. The rain started around the same time as the morning commute for many people, including buses for schools. Many roads were flooded, and the University of Louisville canceled day classes because of the flooding on campus.

Heavy thunderstorms started around the time school buses were driving their routes, picking up children for their second-to-last day of school. With all that rain coming down, many parents had a choice to make. Should they send their children to school when the weather is so bad, or wait until it (hopefully) slows down? Or, should they send their children to school at all, considering the school year was almost over? Should they put their kids on the bus, or drive them to school? How do you decide? Is there one right decision?

Each parent has to decide for their family what works best for them. Someone who lives closer to school might choose to drive, while a parent who lives further away (or can’t miss work) may decide to go ahead and send their child on the school bus. With flash flooding, tornadoes, and other unusual weather that seems to favor us in the Ohio Valley, parents have a lot of opportunities to second guess themselves on how best to keep their children safe. The Tuesday morning storms and flash flooding during the morning commute is just one of those instances. In the end, you need to pick what’s best for your family and be satisfied that, regardless of what others do, what you decided was the best decision you could make for your family.

Fortunately, while there were some accidents due to the flooding, none took lives and very few injuries were reported. School children were able to get to school safely, if a bit soggy from the rain. And, true to the old saying about the local weather, by mid-afternoon, the sun was shining and most areas of the city that had been flooded were dry.