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Flash Drives vs. External Hard Drives

Flash Drives vs. External Hard Drives
Flash Drives vs. External Hard Drives

In the day and age that we live in, we are very reliant on technology to share information to and from our family, friends, and coworkers over the internet and on computers in general. Many people choose to use USB flash drives or external hard drives to relay this information across the vastness of our internet due to their capability to store mass amounts of information in a relatively small, most oftentimes portable device. There are many to choose from and I hope this helps in your pursuit to find the proper fit for yourself.

The USB flash drive has come a long way these few years, with versions so tiny they are smaller than your finger, to crazy designs to catch your eye they all have the same function, to store your information for easy access on a computer. The USB flash drive also does not contain any moving parts, as everything is stored on a conductive piece of metal located inside of this device. If you are looking for a storage device that is affordable and cheap, the USB flash drive is the way to go. Their memory abilities can range from a small 500mb to a whopping one terabyte of memory, depending on your needs. If you are a photographer for a living, the terabyte would be more costly but would provide a lot of space for your portfolios. If you are a mom that wants to save memories for a lifetime digitally, the 32g size would be perfect for you.

External hard drives are the heavy duty version of USB flash devices. They are a bit chunkier and though are still portable, less user friendly as far as bringing it over to your friend’s house to review last night’s adventures. Unlike USB flash devices, the external hard drives contain moving parts just like the hard drive would in your computer. Think of it like another computer without the monitor and keyboard and disc drive. It is simply a brain with a protective outer shell. These devices are capable of storing much more information than a flash drive in a small space. They are capable of storing up to 2 terabytes of information, which is double the largest flash drive size. This is a device that is very good for telecommuting jobs.

Whether you are looking for simple storage or complex media storage, these are both beneficial tools to help you hang on to important information. Their faults are small and they are almost a necessity in today’s virtual world. The USB hard drive is a good small portable device, and for something meatier, you could always choose the external hard drive. Both are portable though they have their own storage limitations so keep that in mind when searching for the right fit for you.

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