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FlappyBird review: A frustratingly good game

It’s not every day you find a free or low cost gaming app that is as addicting as Angry Birds. Dong Nguyen, a budding Vietnamese game developer has done just that with FlappyBird. A free to download games for all mobile platforms, the game bears a strong resemblance to Nintendo’s legendary side scroller Super Mario Bros. The object of the game is to get the bird to flap its wings in between the Super Mario Bros. inspired green drain pipes.

Flappy Birds
IG Mobile

Is FlappyBird what you would call original and a well-made game? No, is far from that classification, most will say it’s an outright rip-off but the game succeeds in having you revisit it and play time and time again. The replay value on this game is incredible and the need to out due you’re last accomplishment is always the agenda.

However, I must warn you! This game is not for the weak at heart and it takes an immense amount of timing and patience to get the hang of it. The slightest mistake can have you start all over again, this is where the frustration builds up. I myself, took about 5 minutes of constant failure to get past the first obstacle.

It dawned on me this extremely simple free to play title was becoming increasingly popular. Some of my social media peers posted scores, while others vented frustration over not getting past a certain point. Still, the one universal consensus is the game is incredibly addicting. The last few days, I’ve spent most of my time attempting to master the timing aspect of the game with varying degree of success.

FlappyBird has been an extremely lucrative venture for the developer. According to The Verge, Mr. Nguyen pointed out that he is making approximately $50,000 USD daily on ad revenue. That amount equates to 18 million dollars a year, on a game that had virtually no start up budget.

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