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Flappy Bird popularity generates two new digital currencies

The vastly popular mobile game Flappy Bird is venturing into a new world of cryptocurrency. The game, which requires a bird to fly through a series of pipes and has garnered tremendous buzz, has now spawned at least two bitcoin-esque digital currencies.

Flappycoin Pool is one of the digital currencies and the other is, but the latter is the virtual currency that is claiming supremacy and greater authenticity. The founders say they “want to create a stable, reliable coin” that can be trusted by virtual currency users across the Internet.

Mining of the Flappycoin currency is set to commence in the next week or so. It is uncertain as to how much it will be worth or if it will even be popular.

“The aim of the Flappy Coin is to make a fresh difference in the current market. We want to create a stable, reliable coin that can be trusted. We want to promote what we call 'Flappy Bird' ethos – the concept that even a single person can make a massive impact to the world,” the creators stated on

Since the rise of bitcoin in the past year, there have been around 100 or so digital currencies, a lot of them based on popular things: Kanye West, Ron Paul, the doge meme and beer.

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