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Flappy Bird phones for sale on eBay pulled

While the creator of Flappy Bird took the game off Google Play and Apple's App Store, many people have the game downloaded to their phones, and some of them are willing to sell their phones to those who are desperate to get the game, according to a Feb. 11 ARS Technia report.

Of course, some of the thousands of auctions were pulled from eBay for violating eBay policies, but there are still auctions for phones, tablets, and other devices with Flappy Bird installed available for those who are willing to bid one them. The reason some of the auctions have been pulled are because eBay requires "smartphones and tablets must be restored to factory settings" in its terms.

Of course, the prices these phones are going for can range from reasonable to downright ridiculous. It is very unlikely you will find a so-called good deal on a phone if you require a Flappy Bird installation. Be careful if you are buying an item like this. In fact, you might be better off installing the game yourself on your own device. As long as you have the Flappy Bird game on one device, you can create a .APK file, and install it on another device. There are great instructions for how to do this in this book. It is certainly a much more affordable investment than some of the ridiculous auctions for phones on eBay.

Have you played Flappy Bird? Would you be willing to buy a phone just because it had the addictive game installed on it? Be extra careful if you choose to go this route because you do not want to get a bad deal.

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