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‘Flappy Bird’ imitators grounded by Apple and Google

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
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Apple and Google have taken to grounding any attempts from developers to further unload imitations of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird to their mobile marketplaces, according to a report today from VG 24/7.

After creator Dong Nguyen removed the highly difficult, highly popular Flappy Bird from the App Store and Google Play, dozens of developers flocked to the mobile marketplaces to drop their offshoots of the game.

You can read that full Examiner report by clicking here.

Though many imitations of Flappy Bird had popped up quickly, Apple and Google have now started to take a harder stance on developers creating similar games.

Sought out by Eurogamer, developers with Flappy-named apps have taken to Twitter to express their frustrations over being rejected from the mobile marketplaces.

“This is just not my f***ing week: Rejected,” said Flappy Dragon developer Ken Carpenter. “‘We found your app name attempts to leverage a popular app.’ Which app? FB doesn’t exist.”

Carpenter claims Google didn’t even shoot him a fair warning email about his app, and instead just removed the game from the Google Play store.

“I checked and rechecked my spam folder to be sure. They just arbitrarily removed the app with no warning,” Carpenter said, adding that they sent him message saying he violated the “spam” provision of Google Play’s terms of service.

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