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Flaming hot cars at Back to the '50s Weekend

Your hot rod has it all. Flashy paint. Fat tires peeled around mags. Enough chrome to blind the sun itself. A cammed motor that sounds ready to race.

Nothing like a bunch of flames to make a cool car even sweeter!
Nothing like a bunch of flames to make a cool car even sweeter!
Aaron Ahlstrom

Still, you’re missing something. That one thing that'll put it over the top compared to all those other rides parked next to you at the local car show.

Perhaps an old skool trick to hot rodding, the flame job, will transform that plain-looking ride into a rolling magnet.

There are many ways to use flames on a classic car, from traditional red and white flames to multiple layers. Don’t forget, there’s ghost flames, reverse flames or even pinstripe outlines of flames. Be it painted-on or peel-n-stick vinyl graphics, burning on the flames just gives the impression you have a fast ride.

Come to think of it, there’s no right or wrong way to fire up your ride, and that’s where the fun is. Each flame job is personalized to the ride itself.

We noticed hundreds of classic cars dressed in flames at the MSRA (Minnesota Street Rod Association) Back to the ‘50s Weekend and couldn't help but come away impressed. It made us want to get out our brushes and get our hands dirty.

To set your soul afire, here’s a nostalgic collection of the coolest and hottest, uh, flamed cars cruising Back to the '50s Weekend at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Check out the links below for more cool cars!

For more information on the MSRA 41st Annual Back to the Fifties Weekend, click here:

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