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Flake endorses Senator Smith, says trial is over

Senator Malcolm Smith, in his bid for re-election, received a big endorsement today from Pastor Reverend Floyd Flake. The Reverend heads the Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral and is a former U.S. Congressman of the 6th District.

Senator Malcolm Smith, Reverend Floyd Flake, Reverend Phil Craig
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Reverend Flake stated Smith’s experience as the reason for the endorsement.

“I believe that his talents and abilities are superior to the others in this race…He has already proven himself,” said Reverend Flake.

The Reverend said the Senator’s legal challenges should not have any bearing.

“I went through the same process…I went through the trial. They had nothing on me but they tried to hold me back because they didn’t want me in office. I think they are doing the same thing to him. I dare to believe he will be as successful as I was in overcoming that barrier,” he said.

“I suspect it is over,” he said of the trial.

Reverend Craig, President Queens Chapter National Action Network and Pastor Greater Springfield Community Church, was also present for the endorsement. He endorsed the candidate a few days prior and supported Rev. Flake’s decision. He also cited experience as the determining factor. “We have to look at what people have done for the community,” he said.

“I am honored,” said Senator Smith of the endorsement. “I will continue to work on behalf of this community to make sure I am worthy of their support.”

Challenger Munir Avery, who was attending church services that day and watched the endorsement was not surprised. “He has been going to the church here for, 20 years. Makes sense,” he said.

Reverend Flake is a prominent figure in the community who has endorsed many candidates that have gone on to be victorious. Recently, he surprisingly supported Melinda Katz over Leroy Comrie for the Queens Borough President’s Office. Comrie, soon thereafter, dropped out of the race. Melinda Katz was victorious. Now, Leroy Comrie is challenging Malcolm Smith for his senatorial seat.

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