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Flags Lowered to Honor April 13 Victims

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Sometimes the world does not seem to make sense. We are placed on this planet earth with only each other to get along for survival and yet, there are many who want to find ways to hurt the innocent.

That is what happened this cold day in April on the 13th of the month at the Jewish Community Campus and Village Shalom. A shooter, for really unknown reasons, decided to use up some of his violent tendencies and anger at the world and shoot some innocent victims. Later he will have his lawyer give him a cause, usually “by reason of insanity” and he will live his life in some form.

However, those whom he has victimized will always remember, and the victims will not only be the friends and family of those who lost their lives but all of us in this small space we inhabit on earth. We will remember, not the shooter, but the violence behind the shootings and the injustice of this senseless action to take the life of another human being.

In order to honor those who fell because of this horrendous violence, Governor Sam Brownback “has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff from sun-up to sun-down on Thursday, April 17 and Friday, April 18 in honor of Dr. William Corporon, Reat Griffin Underwood and Terri Lamanno.”

We think we live in a war-free zone; nevertheless, the war of inhumanity, lack of respect for our fellow human beings, will be with us creating a potential hazardous habitation for everyone across the planet. That will not end. However, Jewish or Christian or Muslim or capitalist, we need always to remember, we live here together; we inhabit the earth; only we can decide what our segment of this small space will be.

God bless and prayers for the family and friends directly affected by this tragedy. We are all with you during this time.

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