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Flags containing the color yellow

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Every country in the world has a flag of its own. Flags are symbols that are generally designed around a certain idea or image and this is especially true of national flags. All the national flags in the world contain elements of symbolism and, many times, these symbols occur in the form of colors. In many instances when a flag includes a certain color it is entwined with some sort of commentary on the country in which the flag represents.

The flag of Romania is bright and colorful.
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Yellow is a color that is frequently seen in many flags. Spain, Romania, Germany, Brazil and Argentina all include this bright color in their national flags. In the case of Argentina the yellow in the flag appears within a shape of the sun which is very suitable for the warm climate of the country! In Spain, the yellow on the flag is symbolic of generosity while the red represents hardiness, bravery and strength

Because flags are iconic of the places they represent by studying the flags of different countries it is possible to learn more about the specific nation and why certain color schemes and shapes appear in the flag. Included here is a slide show of five flags that contain the color yellow.