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Flags containing the color white

Milos Bicanski/ Getty Images

Flags are symbols of places and nations and so most flags are designed around a certain idea or image that is somehow associated with the land being represented. This is especially true of national flags. All the flags of every country in the world contain elements of symbolism and, many times, these symbols occur in the form of colors. Most times when a flag includes a certain color it is entwined with some sort of commentary on the country in which the flag represents.

South Korea's flag contains more white than any other color.
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

White is a color that appears very frequently in flags across the nation. The United States of America, Italy, France, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Finland, Mexico, Ireland, Greece, Japan, South Korea and Switzerland are just a few of the many flags that contain the color white. Traditionally white is representative of purity and virtue and many nations use it to symbolize hope and new beginnings. For example, the white in both the Swiss flag and the flag of the Republic of Ireland represent peace. White is also the traditional color of the people of Korea so it is the most prominent color in the South Korean flag.

Since mostly all flags are iconic of the places they represent by studying the flags of different countries it is possible to learn more about the specific nation and why certain color schemes and shapes appear in the flag. Included here is a slide show of five flags that contain the color white.