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Flags containing the color red

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Flags are symbols of places, organizations and nations. Most flags are designed around a certain idea or image and this is especially true of national flags. All the flags of the world’s countries contain elements of symbolism and, many times, these symbols occur in the form of colors. Most times when a flag includes a certain color it is entwined with some sort of commentary on the country in which the flag represents.

Japan's flag uses red sparingly which adds to its simple appeal.
Hong Wu/Getty Images

Red is one of the most popular colors in flags. The United States of America has red strips included on the flag which represent the blood spilled during the formation of the nation. Japan's flag includes a simple red circle that represents the rising sun—fitting since Japan is located in the Far East and has been dubbed “The Land of the Rising Sun.” Similarly, the red maple leaf on the Canadian flag is iconic of the country and the maple trees that grow abundantly on its land.

By studying the flags of different countries it is possible to learn more about the specific nation and why certain color schemes and shapes appear in the flag. Included here is a slide show of five flags that contain the color red.