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Flags containing the color green

Ricardo Bufolin/Getty Images

Flags are symbols and it is therefore quite unsurprising that every country in the world has one of its own. Flags are usually designed around a certain idea or image and this is especially true of national flags. All the national flags in the world contain elements of symbolism and, many times, these symbols occur in the form of colors. Most times when a flag includes a certain color it is entwined with some sort of commentary on the country in which the flag represents.

The color green is symbolic of Ireland in general.
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Green is a color that appears on several flags in countries across the globe. Brazil, Nigeria, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Mexico and Ireland all contain the color green. Likewise, many countries in Africa include the color green as do many Muslim countries since, in Muslim tradition, the color green is considered to be the traditional color of Islam. In places with a lot of forest and vegetation like Brazil and Africa the color green appears frequently in flags and Ireland, with its rolling green hills, is often called “The Emerald Isle” making the color green iconic of the nation.

Due to the fact that flags are iconic of the places they represent by studying the flags of different countries it is possible to learn more about the specific nation and why certain color schemes and shapes appear in the flag. Included here is a slide show of five flags that contain the color green.