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Flagler County deputies help to rescue raccoon with jar stuck on his head

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Sadly, it happens all too often; a wild animal trying to steal a treat from a jar that has not been secured properly on trash and recycle day, and then the worst happens - the jar gets stuck on the animal's head. And according to a report by, a raccoon had an experience that he surely will be happy to forget.

Last Wednesday, Flagler County Sheriff's Office in Florida was notified about a raccoon at Wadsworth Park with a plastic peanut butter jar stuck on his head. Authorities notified Agricultural and Ranch Deputy Steve William along with the fire department, animal control personnel and emergency services to come to the wild one's aid.

Scared, the raccoon quickly climbed a tree and peered at his visitors through the plastic jar. When Deputy William's used a ladder to try and grab the Procyon lotor (scientific name for raccoon), the feisty little critter jumped onto another tree. In came Flagler County's Fire Rescue who sprayed the elusive masked varmint with the fire hose until he fell off the tree and was finally safely captured.

Then off came the jar, and the angry little raccoon was freed and off he went, albeit with the loss of a bit of his dignity and speed, back into the nearby woods. Sheriff James L. Manfre reminds residents not to feed wild animals and not to approach them, but gave credit to a successful wildlife rescue:

“The actions of Deputy Williams and all other rescue personnel saved this raccoon from certain death."

When throwing away recyclables and trash, please make sure jars and cans are thoroughly cleaned. Help to save our wildlife.

Last November, Miami firefighters helped a curious baby raccoon out of a "sticky" situation when the little guy became trapped in a jelly jar. When found, the little critter was sitting atop of a garbage container appearing to have just given up because he could not eat or drink. The moment the firefighters pulled the jar off the little guy's head, the raccoon wiggled out of his rescuer's hand and scurried away.

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