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Flag on the play! Make sure your church watch party is NFL compliant

America's favorite sporting event, the Super Bowl airs today!
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The National Football League wants to make sure that no church infringes on copyrighted material or programming during this Sunday's Super Bowl. The good news is that compliance is as easy as taking a knee! CopyrightSolver has issued an extensive report detailing the NFL’s stance on watch parties and in turn issued clear yes and no answers to ensure that no church in America is penalized after this Sunday’s big game!

The Super Bowl has the largest economic impact of any regular human event with literally every demographic engaged in this annual national fervor. While churches don’t try to make money on The Big Game, they often promote events to view the classic clash as a great chance to engage in “friendship” evangelism. -Christian Copyright Solutions

Here are the three main areas of compliance for all church hosted Super Bowl watch parties:

  1. Churches must show the game live on equipment they use in the course of ministry at their premises.
  2. Churches cannot charge admission for the party. However, churches may take up a donation to defray the cost of the event.
  3. Do not use NFL Shield, Super Bowl or Club logos to promote your party.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL have been flagged as heavy handed and boorish but this report should shed a little light on their intentions to make viewing the game as enjoyable as a flag worthy touchdown dance!

If you feel like your watch party is lost somewhere in the neutral zone, click here to read the full report.

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