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Flabby to Fit: Your first step

Develop a Focused Fitness Lifestyle plan
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Realize your dream of a body transformation by developing a focused lifestyle fitness plan.

What you need:

A clear understanding of what you want. Also, a driving commitment to execute needed change.

The current situation:

Moving your body from flabby to fit is a major undertaking. Sadly, of those seeking this transformative conversion few arrive at a place of positive and sustainable change.

Developing focused fitness goals will tip the scales of success in your direction.

Focused fitness goals will help you avoid crippling procrastinations in your fitness program. By becoming proficient at this discipline of focus you will be propelled forward toward your health and fitness dreams.

It’s like this:

Set a dried leaf in the sun and nothing of noticeable change occurs. Harness the sun’s rays through the focusing lens of a magnifying glass and you watch that same dried leaf burst into flames as you point the focused beam of sun on its target.

Beginning steps to fitness focus:

Identify your non-negotiable lifestyle attributs of health and fitness. Write them down. Read and re-read this commitment several times each day. Research supporting material (books, magazine, web search) that lines up with your fitness goals.

By establishing definitive focus your mind begins to establish an unwavering commitment to your (fitness) desire. Your actions will soon and consistently accommodate your internal vow.

Be warned:

Distractions from a focused fitness lifestyle are numerous. Health threatening interferences line the way between good intentions and muscle building, fat burning fitness routines. Focusing your thoughts on your specific fitness goals forms the foundation of your fitness transformation pursuit. This place of focus is where you will return for continued encouragement and motivation.

Give yourself fully to the goal of optimal health and fitness. Accept nothing less. Like the sun’s focused energy, successfully set your fitness pursuit wildly on fire! Little decisions made day after day will have a dramatic cumulative impact on the results of your body transformation dreams.

Don’t stop now:

We know there is more to it than just thinking great thoughts. In the following Boot Camp Examiner posts you will read how to map out a Personal Wellness Plan and how to build a system of fitness accountability (Execution).

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