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Fla. teen suspects left notes: Murder suspects left suicide notes behind

The teen suspects, who allegedly shot and killed a Florida police officer before taking their own lives, left suicide notes behind. Police say teenagers Brandon Goode and Alexandria "Alex" Hollinghurst murdered Windermere police officer Robert German Saturday and committed suicide. The teen suspects did leave chilling notes behind that may explain their reasons for wanting to die, according to a March 27 DBTechno update on the fatal shooting in Florida.

Crime scene tape (file photo)
Wikimedia Commons

The approximate time the teenage murder suspects left notes behind is a point of confusion. Several sources are reporting the letters were found at the murder scene. However, as the Orlando Sentinel reports, police investigators in Davenport obtained the notes nearly two full days before the murder-suicide.

Thursday, Polk County investigators were called to Hollinghurst's home. Apparently, the 17-year-old's mom reported her daughter -- a "habitual runaway" -- missing. However, the teen girl returned while police were still at the home and denied suicidal thoughts. And after the investigation, officers left the home.

The next day, Goode, 18, was reported missing from his home. Hours later, a police officer is killed and the bodies of Brandon and Alexandria are found nearby in a Windermere neighborhood. Police say Goode too had left behind a disturbing note.

Brandon's note read:

To my loving parents, I am sorry for all the pain and misery I have brought you both, not just now but from these past few years as well. I don’t want to go through life knowing because of my mistakes that I amounted to nothing and was there fore [sic] a disappointment. Don’t take that as me putting the blame on you because that is the furthest thing from the truth. Both of you have been so amazing with your constant help and support through my life. I love you with all my heart. Please don’t be sad, this is what I want now, I get to die peacefully with the woman I love, the woman of my dreams, my fiancé (yes we were engaged!). I miss you both so much already."

However, the suicide note from Alexandria was full of contempt for her parents. It read:

I could write to you for days, but I know nothing would actually make a difference to you. You are much too ignorant and self-concerned to even attempt to listen or understand, everyone knows that. If I had stayed another minute I would have painted the walls and stained the carpets with my blood, so you could clean it up. I wish I were never born."

Other notes the teen suspects left behind painted an up and down relationship and plans to elope to Panama via Clearwater, Fla. to be married.

It's still unclear what led to the Florida officer being killed in the line of duty (a first in the department's history). And it appears details of the deadly encounter are lost because the body-cam worn by Officer German was not activated at the time.


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