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Fla notorious speed trap: Will a corrupt Fla town be wiped off the map?

The Fla notorious speed trap that has been topping headlines recently is cause for concern and it is one of several reasons why politicians at the state Capitol in Tallahassee want to wipe the city of Hampton off the map. The so-called Fla notorious speed trap is located in Hampton, which is a small town with a population of 477 people. As reported by CNN on March 9, the town is believed to have the most scandals per capita of any town in the U.S.

A recent state audit showed just how corrupt Hampton, Fla really is and the audit revealed that the town had over two dozen violations of city, state and federal laws.

“It’s like something out of a Southern Gothic novel,” says state senator Rob Bradley, a Republican whose district includes Hampton and a member of the auditing committee who supports abolishing the town. -via TIME

Before the disturbing news of the Fla notorious speed trap was made public knowledge, back in Nov., Hampton's former mayor Barry Moore was arrested for possessing and selling oxycodone.

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The speed trap consisted of a 1,260-foot stretch of busy highway and police reportedly would sit in lawn chairs while aiming radar guns at motorists.

According to the report, the speed trap proved to be very lucrative and police built up a massive police force with the ticket money.

“This town exists apparently just to write speeding tickets,” Bradley said.

Residents say police cared more about writing tickets rather than getting drug dealers and other criminals off the street.

Investigators say more than $1 million in city funds went unaccounted for and the town is in serious danger of losing its status as a city.

Dan Krassner, a co-founder of Integrity Florida, spoke on the Fla notorious speed trap as well as other issues that have plagued the small town and he told media sources:

“It’s a mess. Clearly, there has been misuse of public funds and lack of oversight. The cronyism and nepotism is out of control. They don’t look good.”

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