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Fla notorious speed trap: Traffic tickets are a 'cash cow' for small town

Fla. notorious speed trap in town of Hampton. "Corrupt" activities with traffic tickets.
Fla. notorious speed trap in town of Hampton. "Corrupt" activities with traffic tickets.
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A Fla. notorious speed trap may be living out its last days in the small town of Hampton. The town has just under 500 residents and police keep a watchful eye on a 1,260-foot stretch of busy highway there. A March 9 report reveals that police sitting in lawn chairs will point radar guns at cars driving by. The money has been used to assemble a sizable police for every 25 people.

Politicians at the state capitol of Tallahassee have caught wind of the Fla. notorious speed trap town and all of its shenanigans. In an audit of the town's financial activities, it was discovered that there were 31 cases in which federal laws were violated. Some were small violations while others were large. The "corrupt" town has been caught using funds to overpay various city employees by the thousands. No one is able to track the money, however. Traffic tickets have funded this unethical system and now its entirely possible the town of Hampton will no longer be.

A 2012 study "revealed that more than 1,760 of Florida's public officials had been convicted of corruption since 1976."

There appears to be hard evidence that Hampton officials have misused funds that should have been earmarked for making it a better place, not a cash cow for greedy people. Will the Fla. notorious speed trap be a thing of the past?

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