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Fla notorious speed trap: Corruption in Fla town of Hampton has residents angry

Hampton, Fla
Hampton, Fla
Wikimedia Commons

The Fla notorious speed trap is being criticized by residents who say that important things like drugs aren't controlled by police because said "speed trap" has become a priority -- and that's not all. On March 9, CNN reported that state and/or federal laws have been violated by Florida's public officials and some are calling for the corruption to stop.

Apparently much of the money that was gained by the town of Hampton, Fla from this speed trap has caused major corruption and the misuse of funds. Now some don't believe the town should be allowed to function on its own and many are calling for the excessive spending to stop.

The Fla notorious speed trap is one that is known by residents and visitors alike. The location of the police takes advantage of the long stretch of highway and is able to nab speeding cars left and right. An estimated $1 million could have been misused by public officials thanks to excessive speeding tickets given out in this area. And now? Wiping Hampton, Fla off the map is a possible solution. Some don't think that the town should exist any longer.

"It's a mess. Clearly, there has been misuse of public funds and lack of oversight. The cronyism and nepotism is out of control," said Dan Krassner, co-founder of Integrity Florida (via CNN).

Are you familiar with the notorious Fla speed trap? Did you know that the money taken from speeding tickets in this area was being misused?

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