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Fla. man known as ‘Fat Boy’ arrested after trying to hide drugs under belly fat

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During a routine traffic stop near Osteen, Fla. on Friday, deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office stopped a moving vehicle when they noticed that the passenger in the car wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Following that traffic stop, the passenger – a 450-pound Florida resident – was arrested after deputies discovered that “he hid cocaine and 23 grams of marijuana under his ‘stomach fat.’"

According to a June 16 report from Fox News, when deputies stopped the car, 42-year-old passenger Christopher Mitchell, a.k.a. “Fat Boy,” told the officers he was just too big to wear a seat belt. Deputies making the stop grew suspicious when they said that Mitchell and the driver of the car, 38 year-old Keithian Roberts, both appeared to be nervous.

One of the deputies called upon the assistance of a drug-sniffing K-9. After the K-9 was called to the scene, the dog was able to detect the presence of drugs inside the vehicle.

The deputy found cocaine and 23 grams of marijuana hidden underneath Mitchell’s stomach fat, a handgun, and more than $7,000 cash stuffed into a tube sock . . . ~ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The handgun was found in the vehicle’s middle console. Police said that “The suspects tried to hide the smell of drugs with carpet freshener and scented dryer sheets, but that didn’t work,” according to The Daily News. Both Mitchell and Roberts were arrested on the spot.

The driver was charged with cocaine possession. The passenger who tried to hide the contraband under his belly fat was charged with marijuana possession – plus given a citation for not wearing a seat belt. In addition to being known as “Fat Boy,” Mitchell is also known in some circles as “Biggie.”

Mitchell’s priors include a 2002 conviction for conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Police records show that he has gained about 200 pounds since that last conviction. According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, deputies credited this latest drug bust as being “part of a bigger crime detail in the area” which has already netted approximately two dozen arrests for drugs as well as traffic related offenses.



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