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FL woman mauled and dragged by black bear

black bear
black bear
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On Saturday a Florida woman was attacked by a black bear in her home, ABC News reports on April 14. 45-year old Terri Frana described her experience with the 200 pound black bear as her eyes welled up with tears while speaking to reporters.

Frana shared how she was cornered by five bears in her garage as she went to investigate after hearing noises in her garage. Frana thought the noise had come from her children and she wanted to make sure they were alright.

Frana, sporting visible scars to her face shared how she was bitten on her leg, her back, and then her head before the bear began to drag her into the woods with its teeth clenching her head. Frana says she bag to pray and ask God to help her because she did not want to leave her children. At that very moment the bear simply released her from its powerful grip and she mustered up enough strength to make it back to her home where her husband called authorities.

According to CNN the attack happed the same day Florida Wildlife officials put out a warning notifying residents of the presence of black bears and their cubs in the area. Black bears would be in search of food after winter hibernation. Residents were instructed to use bear-resistant trash cans to prevent bears from rummaging through cans in search of food.

Frana was treated for her various injuries requiring 40 stitches and staples to her head. Frana is able to walk as she stood and spoke with reporters pointing out her bite marks and head injuries.

One Seminole County officer offered some helpful tips in case of contact with a bear. "One of biggest myths is play dead, don't do that; they eat dead animals," Police officer David Shultz told ABC News' Linzie Janis. "If you see them, make a lot of noise from a safe distance. Never try to outrun, they will outrun, out climb. Come in contact with one, you want to back up slowly and if he keeps coming at you just act as big as you can."

The head of the Wild Life Commissions, Dave Telesco warns that bears will be showing up in certain areas around this time looking for food but if proper precautions are in place they will simply move on.

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