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FL schools fight obesity

Get those kids running!
Get those kids running!

Parents know that kids aren't getting as much physical activity as they should in their days. But, solving the dilemma, when most of us work full time and barely have time for other family routines, is tricky. Well, listen up parents...our Gainesville community is providing the opportunity for school-aged kids to start their day with exercise. No more excuses!

Gainesville schools are fighting childhood obesity through an inspiring Morning Mile program that encourages children to start their school day with a run/walk with friends. Founder and fitness expert Fitz Koehler, a UF graduate, launched the program to get kids moving! The program has over 90 schools participating in Florida and Texas, and hopes to go national.

Our local schools participating in this program.

This type of program is greatly needed, and it warms my heart that so many Florida schools are participating. Kids spend too much time sedentary these days, in school all day with fewer recess breaks, evening TV, computer time or video games. It's no wonder kids are heavier than in previous generations. This program jump-starts their days with movement. Sign your kid up and get them used to a daily exercise regimen. It will not only encourage physical health, but create other wonderful benefits. Exercise reduces stress levels, and increases energy, concentration, and positive attitudes.

Teachers at Hidden Oak Elementary expressed the benefits Morning Mile brought to their students.

This program is a win, win, win, win, win!!! Get those kiddos signed up :)