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Fixing a writing slump

If you’re in a writing slump, could it be that you’re stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Why not take a few pages – literally – from Julia Cameron and “The Artist’s Way”?

Start writing your morning pages.

Morning pages are hand-written exercises that you do every day. They are similar to Peter Elbow’s concept of freewriting, where you simply put pen to paper and let your thoughts flow without stopping, without editing, and without thinking too clearly.

Cameron, however, suggests three pages worth of writing, while Elbow’s suggestion was based on a time (10 to 15 minutes). Either way, the idea is the same.

The morning pages aren’t meant to be shown to anyone. They aren’t meant to be the next great thing. They aren’t even meant to stay on any given topic or be related to your writing projects. In fact, it’s extremely acceptable, and quite good practice, to just spend those pages complaining and whining about your life, the universe, and everything. Or the fact that you can’t come up with anything to write about.

And as part of those morning pages, you can throw in some daily affirmations. Once you’ve written your three pages of random rambling thoughts, complaints, and ideas, spend another few minutes writing 10 repetitions of the following: I’m a brilliant and prolific writer.

Maybe it’s just the power of positive thinking, or maybe it’s the daily exercise, but either way, I’ve found this to be a most helpful and effective “workout” for my writing powers.

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